Easy Ways To Prioritize Your Partner

Tips To Help You Build And Maintain a Relationship With Your Partner – Even When Life Gets In The Way


Think about the Top 5 Most Important Things in your life. For many people, that list includes things like job, partner, kids, parents, siblings, friends, or pets.

Now, think about what those things have in common. With the exception of “job,” most of the things on that list are relationships that require some maintenance in order to keep them healthy (and even at your job, there are relationships to maintain, such as a positive rapport with your boss and getting along with coworkers).

When we don’t make our relationships a priority, we’re not focusing on the things that we say matter most to us. And the relationship that we are most likely to neglect with another person is the one with our partner.

How does this happen? We likely spend more time with our partner than anybody else. Not only that, but we also CHOSE our partner (whereas we didn’t choose our family of origin, our coworkers, etc.). So, how is it that we come to neglect that relationship?

It’s pretty easy, actually. Between raising children, long days at work, maintaining other relationships, and trying to just squeeze in a bit of time during the day to focus on our own mental health, it can be very easy to stop prioritizing our relationship with our partner.

But, fear not! Here are a couple of fast, easy ways to show your partner how much they mean to you:

Spend Time Together – WITHOUT Distractions

Do you have a weekly Date Night? If you can, make this a priority! Schedule time with your significant other away from everybody else to go out and do something fun together. This helps you create memories, remember what you like about each other, and spend positive time together. One tip? Don’t talk about bills, chores, or other stressors – just focus on each other and the present moment.

If a whole Date Night isn’t a possibility, you CAN still take 20 minutes at the end of each day to put down your phones, hold hands, and truly connect. This can take place outside watching the sunset or in a peaceful space in your house after the kids have gone to bed. Again, don’t talk about bills, chores, or anything that could cause conflict. Instead, focus on sharing about your day and truly engaging.

Take Time To Appreciate Each Other

So many times, we can be quick to criticize and slow to offer praise when it comes to our partner. It’s easy to remember all the times a partner forgot to take out the trash or pick something up at the store. Instead of looking at and focusing on these negatives, try taking the time to really look for what your partner IS doing.

For example, did your partner unload the dishwasher – and does he always unload the dishwasher? Tell him thank you! Give him a hug. Show him through his love language just how much it means to you. Does your wife cook dinner multiple nights a week? Shower her with praise for her hard work getting a hot meal on the table – many days, it’s not easy.

These small tasks may just look like daily chores from a glance, but they can actually be seen as small acts of love to help build and grow a relationship and a household. When you view these chores as acts of love, they help you see your partner in a healthier, more positive light. And, by praising your partner, you build them up by showing them that what they do really matters. This nurtures the relationship and helps it become a healthy space.

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