How To Be Your Partner’s Biggest Fan

Married couple holding pinkies.

3 Tips For Cheering Your Partner On Through Thick And Thin – And Staying Supportive Together

Let’s talk about fandom. No, not pop culture fandom or obsession with celebrities.

We’re talking about being your partner’s biggest fan.

We know, that can sound kind of strange. But, before you start scratching your head or Googling if this is even a good idea, let us break it down for you:

We’re not talking about one partner cheering the other one on while sitting on the sidelines. We’re also not talking about becoming obsessed with your partner in an over-the-top fan way that makes them (and you) uncomfortable.

We’re talking about BOTH partners equally rooting for each other in all aspects of life. We’re talking about having each other’s backs through thick and thin. We’re talking about making sure each partner knows they’re loved and respected for what they do.

So, what does this look like? Check out these tips to help show your partner that you’re always going to be their biggest fan:

Take An Interest In Their Likes

Think about your absolute favorite movie of all time. How excited were you to show it to your partner? Now think about a favorite TV show. How good does it feel if your partner binge watches it with you and engages with it? What about when they hike with you, dance with you, sing with you, cook with you?

Whatever passions you have, life is SO much better when they can be shared with your partner. Even if your partner loves to watch football every Sunday and you could skip the games, uh, every time, taking an interest, learning about the sport, and occasionally watching shows your partner how much you care and how the things that they like are important to you, too.

Important note: You do NOT have to give up every Sunday to watch football, hike every weekend if you hate hiking, etc. You don’t have to change who you are to be with your partner. BUT, you can take an interest and listen when they want to talk about their hobbies and passions.

Give Specific Compliments

We’re talking about more than, “You look nice today.” More than, “Dinner was good tonight.” More than, “Thanks for all you did today.” Get SPECIFIC. “I love that shirt on you – it really brings out your eyes.” “Dinner was delicious tonight! I really loved that sauce you made. What was in it?” “Thank you so much for picking up the kids tonight AND making sure trash got taken out and the dogs were fed. You really made my day so much better.”

By showing your partner that you appreciate all the little things that they do, you’re conveying to them that what they do MATTERS. And it does! When you really stop and think about all the things you and your partner do every day to keep your household running, isn’t it pretty amazing? Start appreciating it more!

Celebrate Achievements!

This may seem like a no brainer, but we’re not just talking about major milestone achievements. (We’re assuming those get celebrated!) We’re talking about small wins throughout the day. Your partner had a great meeting with their boss. They got the baby to sleep successfully after many long nights. They finally finished a task around the house after working on it for a period of time.

Whatever it is that they’ve achieved, show them you’re proud of them! Life is tough, and the more we can celebrate the victories (big and small) with our partners, the more connected we feel and the more the relationship grows.

So, next time your partner does something big or small that they are excited about or that makes a difference in your day, make sure to point it out – and watch your relationship grow and change… for the better.