When Traditional Therapy Fails Couples

Couple Discussing Problems With Relationship Counsellor

Couple Discussing Problems With Relationship Counsellor

It has been well-established that in a relationship with mixed-ADHD (one has and other does not), there are particular compromises which are required to be made so that partnership will be balanced. Say for an instance, a person without the condition might dislike washing clothes and so you never let them. In this particular situation, the partner without with the condition will be the one to wash the clothes and the other partner will compensate by just doing other chores. This is common with affected couples. There are some traditional therapy methods that are present to work with such kind of condition. However, you might ask if these kinds of therapies really work. Most traditional therapies don’t consider the concept that the ADHD brain actually works differently than a non-ADHD brain. This only means that when an ADHD person takes this kind of standard therapy, the approach is sure to fail. You need to take note that only professional therapists, who work with the condition truly comprehend what techniques really work in order to get rid of resentments, develop accountability and refurbish loving affection between partners. With this, affected couples are sure to manage their relationship well.

Each couple is distinct, but all of them are required to negotiate in order to avoid the cycle of nagging or resentment. It is important to manage or meet your expectations and maintain high level of communication in your relationship. However, how will you communicate if the issue is not a part of your relationship?

Of course, since both of you are being affected by the disorder, you also need to work together in order to work things out. If your partner is the one with ADHD, you need to understand him so well than any other persons around you. If you have perfectly done this, at least, there is a chance that your relationship will work out just fine. This is certainly one of the key elements that will let ADHD couples have an effective relationship.

The following tips may help couples to manage their relationship well:

  • Make sure to have a precise diagnosis.

  • After you’ve been certain of the diagnosis, you should learn all possible things regarding the condition.

  • It is effective for a couple to talk about their status. Therefore, you need to set up your time for conversation. This certainly involves the condition of the partner.

  • Couples must also try to speak out what they are thinking or perhaps anything inside their mind. The condition appears in various ways in different couples. Therefore, both of you must analyze how it appears between you as a couple.

  • Take note of your complaints together with your recommendations. This is an effective approach in order for you to not forget the things that you want to say about your relationship.

  • Create a plan for treatment. You may ask help from a professional, but it is much better if you will try to start it by yourself.